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    3. Never attempt to bend metal rod, wire, strap, or spring steel sheets with this machine. 4. Use correct lifting procedures when handling large sheets of material. 5. Ensure fingers and limbs are clear before actuating the hydraulic bender. 6. Hold material firmly to prevent inaccurate bending due to creep. 7. Keep clear of moving machine parts. 8. Stand clear of table when operating it in order to avoid crush or pinch points. HOUSEKEEPING 1.

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    Use correct lifting procedures when handling large sheets of material. Take care during the initial feeding of the workpiece into the machine. The workpiece should always be held sufficiently far back from the edge being fed into the guillotine. Ensure fingers and limbs are clear before operating the guillotine. Hold material firmly to prevent inaccurate cutting due to creep.

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    Dec 05, 2019 · It has good forming effects and can cut various shapes. The largest plate cutting size of the machine is 3Mx1.5M and it can cut 200mm thick plate. Compared with portable CNC cutting machines, its advantage is to cut larger steel plates. 3. Gantry CNC Cutting Machine. This cutting machine has its own track, shaped as Gantry.

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    Side Frames: Are of Steel Plates designed for maximum rigidity to eliminate deflection and to with stand continuous high speed performance at full capacity. RAM (Upper Beams): Is of solid steel plate and additional ribs on back side the ram adds to its strength, carrying the upper knife. Its maximum weight read more...


    Profile Cutting Tolerances. Profile cutting tolerance is the slight positional variance that occurs when sheet metal is cut. This happens in the position of features, diameter of holes, inside dimensions of rectangular cutouts or outside dimensions of the part itself. Protocase's standard dimensional tolerance for position, inside and outside ...


    Oxy-fuel cutting is a thermal cutting process that uses oxygen and fuel gas (such as acetylene, propane, MAPP, propylene and natural gas) to cut through materials. The oxyfuel process is the most widely applied industrial thermal cutting process because it can cut thicknesses from 0.5mm to 250mm, the equipment is low cost and can be used ...

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    The surface of the metal to be cut should be free of grease, oil and rust and the heating flame held above the edge of the metal to be cut. The metal is brought to white heat and then the cutting valve is released. The cut then proceeds with a steady rate. The cut usually starts at one of the edges of the plate. The size of the cutting tip to be used depends mainly upon the kind of material to be cut and the condition of the surface of the cutting edges.

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    - Remove the entire backing bar, if present, ensuring that none of the base metal is removed. - Straighten the test assembly. - Remove the weld reinforcement until it is flush with the parent plate. - Cut the test specimens to the specified dimensions ensuring that each specimen still carries the

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    Jun 09, 2020 · Sheet metal cutting machine is an equipment that uses one blade to make reciprocating linear motion relative to the other blade to cut plates. Through moving upper blade and fixed lower blade, it exerts a shear force on metal or steel plates of various thicknesses with reasonable blade clearance.

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    Metal Cutting Metal may be cut by the means of hot or cold cutting processes and techniques. Cold metalcutting is conducted with tools (e.g., hacksaws, files, snips, and cold chisels). Hot metal cuttingis performed with oxyfuels, which are a combination of pure oxygen and a combustible fuelgas (e.g., acetylene, MAPP gas, propane, and natural gas).

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    Cutting pattern Cutting pattern profile is also delivered in drawing or CAD format. It specifies the geometry of the punching tool prior to the actual stamping operation. Production constraints usually force the use of simple cutting patters. In practice, some basic shapes are used: rectangle trapeze rectangle w/ cuts rectangle w/ slot

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    The following situation may arise: Start the guillotine shears for a number of cycles empty running, try to cut the different thickness of the sheet under... Adjust the blade clearance for the testing cut plate with different thickness. If you do not adjust the corresponding... open the pressure ...

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    If there is noise in the shears, it should be checked. When the plate cutting machine is operated, the maximum temperature of the fuel tank should less than 60 degrees. If exceed the temperature, stop the machine for some rest. In another blog post, you can check out Hydraulic Shearing Machine Operation Manual.

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    As mentioned above, several cutting processes exist that utilize shearing force to cut sheet metal. However, the term "shearing" by itself refers to a specific cutting process that produces straight line cuts to separate a piece of sheet metal.