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    Turnkey solutions for automated welding with “zero defects” POLYSOUDE’s custom built equipment and automated welding systems are renowned for its technical excellence, they have been adopted by leading global companies and state of-the-art manufacturers.

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    Leading Wholesale Trader of Automated Oscillation Welding Carriage, Welding Cutting Carriage, Trackless Fillet Welding Carriage, Automatic Fillet Welding Carriage, Welding and Cutting auto Carriage and Fillet MIG Welding Carriage / Trolley from Vadodara. Interested in this product?

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    KAT® Automated Oscillation Welding Carriage -- GK-200-FLA-O from Gullco International Limited This advanced oscillation “package ” is designed to increase production and improve the quality of the weld produced in automatic mechanized welding operations by minimizing weld defects such as poor penetration, incomplete fusion, overlap and undercut.

  • Arc Welding 101: Oscillation during welding - Why?

    the oscillation width. 7. The welding head/carriage assembly will accommodate a standard 30-pound filler wire spool. 8. The contact tube assembly designed and built by DTNSRDC will be considered. However, the optimum design selected will incorporate the most current technology available to minimize maintenance problems. It will have sufficient


    Aug 28, 2017 · Gullco’s KAT weld oscillator carriage has recently been selected and put to work on the Oculus subway project in New York, weld automation equipment. The PATH train station which was destroyed during the 9/11 attacks, has been rebuilt and the weld oscillation carriage is being put to good use on a very pivotal part of the structure.

  • Welding Oscillator and Mini-Manipulator | Steelmax

    Mar 26, 2010 · The continuity of the weld is achieved by using the Kat welding carriage with oscillation head combination on flexible track. The weld is then continued up the side of the ship in the vertical position. When the technique was evaluated against the previous practice, man hours allocated to welding were decreased by 72%.

  • Getting to the root of pipe welding automation

    The TIP TIG welding process significantly improves weld quality. It sharply increases welding speeds by guiding the preheated, oscillating filler wire directly into the weld pool to optimize and control the heat input and improve desertification. The preheated filler wire melts faster and substantially increases the deposition.

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    background for high-contrast penetrant testing ... KAT Linear Weld Oscillation Carriage GK-200-RMB-L: KAT ... • Enables a wide variety of automated welding cycles


    The K-BUG 3000 digital compact heavy duty fillet welder with oscillation is designed for welding fillet joints. A lightweight, portable carriage utilizing powerful magnets and guide wheel clamps and tracks directly to the work piece.

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    Weld carriages can be used for MIG, TIG, and SAW welding. Besides lateral motion, many weld carriages can be assigned parameters to control other variables in the weld process. When determining the type of welding carriage to use in a particular application, many options are available.

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    Portable welding machines assist the professional welder in maintaining a safe and high quality weld. Sometimes referred to as semi-automation, the portable welding carriages make welding easier for the welder because the torch is taken out of the welder's hand and moved along in a controlled manner. This allows the welder to concentrate on the ...

  • How is distortion controlled in a weld carriage?

    By combining welding gun oscillation movement with the precision controlled travel speed of the Kat carriage, up to 10 weld programs can be produced and stored. Yes, I am interested!

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    Jun 04, 2019 · By definition, orbital welding refers to automated welding of secured tubes or pipes with the electrode rotating (or orbiting) around the tube. It’s a specialised type of welding where the arc rotates 360° around the in-place object (pipe/tube) continuously. How an automatic welding machine works:

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    A mobile automated pipeline welding and quality control system comprising a gas metal arc welding carriage and a weld data monitor and acquisition unit. The welding carriage carries a welding...

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    Welding Carriage – Flexible Track. The TIP TIG Welding Carriage is a flexible, compact drive, oscillator, and arc voltage control combination for welding in all positions. Dynamic wire feeding for a controllable weld pool even with positional welding: The wire feeding is superimposed in parallel using a sinusoidal movement.