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    Purge Equipment removes oxygen from the inside of exotic pipe & replaces it with shielded gas, improving quality & savings. Pipe Rigging Equipment aids in moving pipe into the desired position safely and with ease. Beveling & Cutting Machines prepare the pipe for welding, making up a precise and consistent bevel or cut.

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    Pipe cold cutting machine applications. The pipe cold cutting machine DLW is versatile in machinery applications and can perform many operations. Pipeline cutting with this equipment provides the best solution. The application range of the pipe cold cutter is from 2 – 48 inch (76 mm - 1219 mm) O.D. and for wall thickness up to 80 mm.

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    Gas Pressure Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings, and by reference meet the Department of Transportation Title 49, Part 192 ... LARGE DIAMETER COILS Note: Gas Pipe products ... are currently manufactured by JM Eagle™. 03. 8 MEDIUM-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE YELLOW GAS NOMINAL SIZE SDR* PIPE DATA PACKAGING DATA WEIGHT LB/100 (FT) MIN. WALL (IN) BULK PACKS AVER.

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    At Adams Gas you will find quality gas products as well as a large quantity of choice in regards to size and gas mixtures. Unlike many other companies, our hobby gas is available to purchase without the continual rent that can be charged by many other welding gas suppliers.

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    1. Measure the Outside Diameter (OD) of your pipe or pipe fitting: Wrap a string around the pipe; Mark the point where the string touches together; Use a ruler or measuring tape to find the length between the tip of the string and the mark you made (circumference) Divide the circumference by 3.14159; 2. Use the chart on this page to find the nominal diameter (pipe size).

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    The RBPC 660–2000 is a highly productive CNC pipe cutting line driven by a roller bed. It comes with wheels sets and torch-to-material distance sensors dealing with pipe behavior during rotation. The TCL 400 Plasma Pipe and Tube Cutting Line is the next generation 3D cutting machine for pipe and tube.

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    e) Pipe fitting reducer, bend etc. SS 304: Rs. 125/- per inch dia MS: Rs. 60/- per inch dia Copper: Rs.140/- per inch dia. f) Fabrication and erection of MS supports= Rs. 4500/- per MT. Q. Find out the labour cost for making a MS reducer of 2" x 4" size? Ans: MS Reducer 2" x 4" = 4x60 = Rs.240/- (Considering 4" dia)

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    Shop for Pipe Fittings at Ferguson. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products.

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    For Bulk Order Email Helpline: [email protected] Sell on gasNtools Enterprise Procurement Solution Franchise Program Apply for Credit

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    Molded Fittings. Molded Fittings for Gas Distribution range in size from ½” – 10” for butt, socket, and sidewall fusion processes. Available in HDPE and MDPE. PE4710/3408 HDPE is solid black in color and is an excellent option for high-pressure gas applications. PE2708/2406 MDPE is solid yellow in color and is the material of choice for the Gas Distribution market.

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    Jun 20, 2018 · Best Tool: Steel pipe threading machine. Steel pipe (often called black iron pipe) is extremely durable, and it has to be because typically it’s used for natural and propane gas lines. To prevent gas leaks, steel pipe fitting becomes a very rigorous job. A specialized steel pipe threading machine is required to cut the pipe to length and to cut the threads on both ends to make the joints.

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    Automotive tools, specialty tools, mechanic tools, diagnostic scantools, and automotive equipment. Complete stock of major brands of industrial and automotive tools. Complete stock of industrial tools and equipment for the construction trades such as generators, pressure washers, hoists, and others.

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    A specialized steel pipe threading machine is required to cut the pipe to length and to cut the threads on both ends to make the joints. While there are scores of fittings to match those found for copper and plastic pipe, turning these threaded fittings onto the pipe ends is a real workout.

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    Plastic Pipe Tools. Reed carries a wide variety of high-quality tools for plastic pipe including tubing cutters, shears, saws, pipe cutters, reamers and much more. REED tools hold the industry standard for cutting through various plastics such as PE, PEX, ABS and PVC. With 125+ years’ experience, it is no surprise that REED plastic pipe tools ...

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    Gas Welder Fittings. 16 products. Grainger offers a variety of gas welder fittings to help you find the right ones for your welder. Find torch and regulator quick disconnects with automatic shutoff for safety. Durable brass check valves can close immediately for total shutoff if reverse gas flow starts. Flashback arrestors feature built-in ...

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    for large diameter heavy wall pipe machining applications. MM Clamshell Series MM180 Clamshell 144" (3,657.6 mm) to 177" (4,495.8 mm) OD MM120 Clamshell 85.9" (2,181.9 mm) to 121.5" (3,086.1 mm) OD The MM series clamshells are ideally suited for cutting, beveling, facing and counter boring large diameter pipes, vessels and flanges

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    Jun 24, 2021 · ISCO Industries offers a complete line of large diameter pipe, fittings and structures. ISCO's large diameter products offer all of the benefits of HDPE that have made traditional solid wall pipe the industry standard for critical applications with less weight, larger sizes and more options.