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  • Which is Wachs Erv 750 or TM-7?

    Pipeline Applications E.H. Wachs is the leader in portable weld prep machines tools for virtually every type and size of pipeline used in the field. Wachs offers the most complete lineup of split frames that operate on the principal of a lathe, utilizing a rotating frame with fixed tooling to achieve highly precise and repeatable results.

  • SDB 206 and FF 313 - E.H. Wachs

    Part Number: 18-MAN-01 Revision No: 3 Tube Squaring Machine Model TSE 1.0 i TUBE & PIPE SQUARING MACHINES Mod. TSE Ser.No. E.H. WACHS COMPANIES 100 Shepard St. Wheeling Il. 60090

  • Utility Parts and Service - Wachs Utility Products

    Enter Your Machine's Serial Number Here For Proper Record Keeping and Ordering Reference. Part Number:18-MAN-02 Revision No: 3 FSE Fitting & Squaring Machine Model FSE 1.0 Mod. FSE Ser.No. E.H. WACHS COMPANIES 100 Shepard St. Wheeling Il. 60090 Patent Pending i Revised February 2014

  • ERV-750 Mounted Valve Exerciser - Wachs Utility Products

    Wachs Utility Products mounted exercisers are the ideal tools for operating or exercising valves, and for hard to reach valves and fast shut downs.

  • What kind of valve trailer does Wachs use?

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  • E.H. Wachs - YouTube

    Orbitalum RPG 1 Tube Squaring Machines. Designed for burr-free squaring and beveling of thin-walled stainless steel tubes and micro fittings where high quality tube end preparation is required for Orbital Welding. Operating Range 0.118 to 1.0in (3mm-25.4mm) with optional tool holder. 0.236 to 2.5in (6mm-25.4mm) with standard tool holder.

  • Tube Facing & Squaring Machines - Orbitalum Americas

    This is a old steam engine I have. I cleaned it all up and everything works well. This video is a test run with it running on air. It's for sale on eBay. 6/1...

  • E.H. Wachs -

    Wachs Internal Model P07-094 36″ E.H, Wachs pile Cutting System- Beveling system also. Completed 557 watts Pipe Cutter. $58,900. North Salt Lake, UT, USA. Click to Contact Seller. Top Seller.

  • Tube Fitting Squaring Machine - E.H. Wachs

    Valve Box Buddy VALVE BOX COVER LIFTING TOOL Lifting and moving utility and valve box covers has never been easier. With the Wachs Valve Box Buddy, an operator can comfortably lift up to a 60lb cover with little effort, thanks to the increased leverage produced by the lifting shaft. The ergonomic handle twists to allow engaging and disengaging ...

  • User’s Manual - Wachs Utility Products

    E.H. Wachs is a pioneer in weld preparation products designed E.H. Wachs and Orbitalum products use a “cold cutting” machining and built to serve the unique needs of the oil and gas industry. method, increasingly specified wherever hydrocarbons are present to In 1949 a large natural gas supplier looked to us for a safer way eliminate the risks associated with hot torch cutting and grinding ...

  • Vessel Girth Machine by EH Wachs - YouTube

    E.H. Wachs Industrial products are available for purchase or rental for a wide variety of applications in these essential sectors and industries: Turnarounds and MRO on pipe, vessels, valves and heat exchangers with Wachs machine tools. Machine tools used in gas, coal, co-gen and nuclear power generation facilities worldwide.

  • E.H. Wachs Industrial Products

    Products & News for E.H. Wachs Water Utility

  • FSE Fitting and Squaring Machine - EH Wachs

    Wachs Grand LX trailer includes two valve turning machines, our class leading ERV-750 extended reach operator and the powerful TM-7 on a swivel deck for larger or stubborn valves, the latter available in Standard Duty (1,500 ft/lbs) or Heavy Duty (2,500 ft/lbs) versions.

  • E.H Wachs | Pipe and Tube Preparation Tooling for Sale

    Wachs Utility Products is the leader in valve maintenance technologies. Wachs is the first choice for municipal workers and industry professionals responsible for preserving and maintaining valuable water infrastructure in these important fields.

  • Product Manuals - E.H. Wachs Industrial Products

    E.H.Wachs, Lincolnshire, IL USA Directives: Machinery Safety Directive 2006/42/EC Conforming Machinery: End Prep and Flange Facing Machines: Model TSE, FSE, and TFS Tube and Fitting Squaring Machines. Model SDB 103, SDB 206, and SDB 412 Small Diameter Bevelers; Model FF 206; FF 313, and FF 424 Flange Facers. Model SB, LB, and MB Plus Boiler ...


    For water organizations of all sizes Wachs Utility Products ERV-750 is the ideal valve exerciser. The ERV-750 Extended Reach Valve Operator is the first choice of water system operators everywhere. It features hands free operation with an extendable arm that reaches out 13ft (3.96m) and provides 750 ft/lbs (1015 Nm) of torque, even when fully ...