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  • How does a reed soil pipe cutter work?

    RIDGID Model 238-P Powered Soil Pipe Cutter cuts cast iron soil pipe quickly and easily in tight spaces. The 238-P is designed to cut up to 8" soil pipe when driven by an impact driver or 4" with the included ratchet. Loading...

  • Which is the best in place soil pipe cutter?

    If you are cutting clay pipe ONLY, you can extend the chain to allow cutting pipe up to 15 in. Designed to cut soil pipes quickly and easily, the RIDGID 246 Soil Pipe Cutter has a large chain ideal for heavy-duty jobs. The versatile chain pipe cutter cuts cast-iron soil pipe as well as concrete and clay pipe.

  • The hardest working ratchet chain pipe cutters | Wheeler-Rex

    The RIDGID 226 In-Place Soil Pipe Cutter is a compact, lightweight tool designed to cut hub 1½" (40 mm) to 6" (150 mm) and hubless soil pipe in tight quarters. At only 17" (43 cm) long, the Model 226 is perfect for cutting cast iron, cement and clay pipe where space is limited. The Model 226 is especially suited for against-the-wall and other tight quarter applications.

  • Reed Tool SC49-12 Ratcheting Soil Pipe Cutter with 12-Inch ...

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