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    Nov 11, 2020 · First, turn up the air pressure to about 60 or 65 PSI for 1/8-inch thick hot rolled steel. Push down the knob to make sure the pressure regulator is locked in place. Turn the amperage down to 20 amps at 60 PSI, give that a try. Then cut it at 25 amps and 30 amps and check the quality of the cut.

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    Apr 17, 2015 · Portable CNC cutting machines -- such as Koike PNC-10. In trying to find a low-cost option for a ~5' x 10' capacity CNC plasma cutting, I came across several brands of portable CNC cutting machines (using either oxy-acetylene or plasma). Examples are the Koike Aronson PNC-10 or the Steel Tailor Power II (see attachment).

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    Cutting speed (i.e. Machine travel rate) Most of these variables are interdependent, meaning that if you change one variable, it will affect the others. Figuring out how to fix cut quality issues can be difficult, so the following information was assembled to provide the usual solutions to some typical cut quality problems.

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    Plasma Cutter Not Arcing ( Proved 7 Troubleshooting Methods) Plasma & Oxyfuel Cutting / 5 minutes of reading. The arc stability of NC plasma cutting machine directly affects the cutting quality. Plasma arc instability may lead to uneven incision, built-up edge accumulation etc. It will also lead to a decrease in the service life of the relevant ...

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    May 06, 2015 · Sometimes referred to as slag or a burr, dross is a fairly common problem that has several causes and cures. Slow cutting speed. This is the most common cause of bottom dross. Inexperienced plasma machine operators tend to slow things down when they encounter a cut quality issue, but in fact they should do the opposite.

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    Feb 19, 2001 · The phrase could be reworded to "inspect twice, cut once" for the plasma industry. Careful preparation, setup, and maintenance can alleviate many costly problems which operators encounter. Strategy. The following is a list of remedies that may help operators avoid some of the most common problems encountered in plasma arc cutting. 1.

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    May 10, 2020 · Piercing too low is a common error when cutting with plasma cutter. The amount of the gap between the metal and the tip of the torch affects the cut quality as well as the consumable life. A slight variation in the torch height significantly affects the cut surface.

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    We offer field service for plasma cutting machines for HVAC. Worn bearings, gears, belts and miscellaneous items are frequently in need of replacement and are the source of many sloppy inaccurate plasma cuts. Tightening up the mechanical systems by replacing and adjusting such parts can often make an old machine cut like new.

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    Some of these cut quality problems are caused by mechanical and electrical problems of an old or poorly maintained cutting machine; others are related to the plasma process itself. With so many variables in the cut quality equation, how does a plasma torch operator begin to troubleshoot a cut quality problem?

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    Basic tips to improve plasma cut quality. Laser O 2 cutting guide for mild steel cutting. Maintenance and use. Troubleshooting cut quality problems. Too much dross Cut angularity Incomplete cuts Hole quality. Consumable care and optimization. Counterfeit consumables. Preventive maintenance.

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    Repair service for CNC plasma cutting controls; A wide range of parts & supplies for plasma cutting machines & tables; View our introduction to plasma control retrofit video. Production Products Inc. offers the PPI-PC-CNC for CNC plasma controller retrofits and replacement services for HVAC sheet metal plasma cutting tables.

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    SAR MAKINA was founded by Turkey’s leading copper manufacturer SARKUYSAN in 1991 which is not only the leader of copper wire manufacturing in Turkey, but also one of the best known manufacturers in the world of copper wire. SAR MAKINA is engineering, manufacturing and contracting company. SAR MAKINA has a laser cutting machine from MAZAK in its production hall.

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    Jun 04, 2010 · Burned Tip. One inherent problem with the plasma cutter is that it can burn through tips very quickly. As the cutter is working, it will burn back the tips so that the cutting hole is misshapen. This hole must be a specified diameter. If it gets any larger the conductivity of …

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    Koike Plasma cutting machine "Hybrid d10 PLUS" ... data then it's usually a cable problem. Many machines need a short link between pins 6, 8 and 20 at the CNC end of ...

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    KOIKE MONOTEC Plasma Cutting Machine (2015) with 7500 production hours.See full technical specifications of this machine at: KOIKE ...

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    Many shops solve these problems by buying expensive high-tolerance cutting machines or even more expensive laser systems. But it is possible, with a well-maintained plasma-cutting machine and conventional torch, to achieve near-high-tolerance cuts with careful programming and a good understanding of cut-quality variables.

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    Troubleshooting cut quality problems – cut angularity. Many fabrication shops spend a lot of time and money reworking parts that were cut on the plasma cutting machine to remove dross or correct dimensional inaccuracies. Some of these cut quality problems are caused by mechanical and electrical problems of an old or poorly maintained cutting machine; others are related to the plasma process itself.