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    Flame cutting is oxygen cutting in which the appropriate part of the material to be cut is raised to ignition temperature by an oxy-fuel gas flame (definition from BS 499:Part 1:1991 Section 7 No.72 002). Also known as oxy-fuel cutting, the process is used for separating and shaping steel components.

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    25. 50. 100. 200. 5ft x 10ft Plasma Cutting Machine/Portable Cutting Machine.

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    CNC Flame Cutting Machine principle: is the use of combustible gases and oxygen mixture combustion of flame heat to the workpiece cutting place preheating to a certain temperature, the high speed cutting oxygen flow, so that the metal violently oxidize and release heat, the use of cutting oxygen flow to the molten metal oxide blown off, and realize the cutting method.

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    CNC Flame Cutting Machine for sale, oxy-fuel & gas flame-cutting is mainly for carbon steel cutting, it‘s flame torch can be replaced with plasma arc torch for more precise, higher speed and more types of metals cutting, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, etc. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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    Feb 13, 2019 · With the right equipment and gas flows, steel several feet thick can be cut using the flame cutting process. Flame cutting also has low equipment costs. Flame cutting is at a disadvantage when it comes to material types that can be cut. Flame cutting is generally limited to carbon steel, low alloy steels, and cast irons. Most other types of ...

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    Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula NH 3.A stable binary hydride, and the simplest pnictogen hydride, ammonia is a colourless gas with a distinct characteristic of a pungent smell. It is a common nitrogenous waste, particularly among aquatic organisms, and it contributes significantly to the nutritional needs of terrestrial organisms by serving as a precursor to ...

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    YRYM HT non stick gas hob protectors could be easily to be removed and to keep your stove clean. Protect your gas cooker from burning on spills. Easy to clean by soapy water or dishwasher safe. Heat resistant: the gas stove liners can withstand the temperature up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Kit Contains: 1*8 Pack gas range protectors; 1*User manual

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    First Class Gantry Cutting Machine, Best Price! G3-A flame/ plasma cutting machine was well designed after integrating decades of industrial experience and customers feedback on gantry cutting machine. With concept of ‘simple and beautiful’, G3-A enjoys highest cutting performance and lowest manufacturing cost.

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    Arc welding and cutting machine frames shall be grounded, either through a third wire in the cable containing the circuit conductor or through a separate wire at the source of the current. Grounding circuits shall have resistance low enough to permit sufficient current to flow to cause the fuse or circuit breaker to interrupt the current.

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    【High Temperature Flame】Synthetic glass (acrylic) polishing, oxygen hydrogen generator is a machine using high temperature flame to make acrylic edge smooth and bright. The heat polishing on the acrylic rough surface can be achieved as long as the flame passing by gently, and the acrylic products will become glittery and bright.

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    Complete oxy-fuel system that can handle high gas flow for faster cutting, heating, brazing and welding. The SC200 cutting attachment can cut up to 8-inch thick steel with the appropriate tip. Heavy Duty Combination Torch Outfit with Acetylene Tips, CGA 510 $1,039.58

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    Sale. Oil Mist Collector 1024 CFM 220V/380V 0.4KW 3400 RPM Made in Taiwan. Write Your Review. $1,988.00 $2,180.00. Add to cart. 5ft x 10ft Portable CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine. 1 Review (s) $1,790.00. Out of stock.

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    Flame cutting types mainly divided in torch cutting and CNC flame cutting (machine flame cutting table). Flame torch cutting. Flame torch also called fire gun. With different gas, the torch has different structural. Most used is Oxygen-Acetylene gas torch, acetylene pressure at 0.01 to 0.12 Mpa, Oxygen pressure 0.50 to 1.0 Mpa.

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    So even thought the flame temperature is a little lower (5198 f for oxy-propylene vs about 6000f for oxy-acetylene) The total heat is greater. Did you catch the statement about how quickly you can start a cut? The narrator says “you will be able to start the cut on a square edge of cold plate in less than 2 seconds.


    HASTELLOY X is machinable in both the wrought and cast form. Low cutting speeds and an ample flow of coolant are required. Suggested tool angles for single point tungsten carbide tools are 8- to 10-Deg. side-rake angle from cutting edge, 5- to 8-Deg. back-rake angle, 5- to 7-Deg. end relief angle, and 15- to 30-Deg. side cutting-edge angle.

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    Flame Cutting Services. Flame Cutting, also known as Oxy Acetylene Cutting, Oxy Fuel Gas Cutting, Oxygen Burning, among other names, is the process that uses fuel gases and oxygen to cut metals. Pure oxygen, instead of air, is used to increase the flame temperature to allow localized melting of the steel in a room temperature environment.

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    Mar 11, 2021 · SmokeFire is designed like Weber’s gas grills with inverted V shaped “flavorizer bars” so that the meat is exposed to a lot more direct flame and IR across the entire cooking surface. As a result, you can actually get a good sear, especially in the center where the heat source is located.